Roof truss manufactured on site

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We are currently working on an extension in Otley which is on the outskirts of Leeds. One of the challenges was to get a roof truss and window frame that conformed to the clients high expectations. Not being satisfied with one off the shelf, we decided that we would make our own.  Our own joiners took just under 1 day to make this.  More pictures will follow.


Below you can see the wood that we used.  Here we placed the wood:



We then carved out joints so that the wood would slot into place properly:


during1         struts


The result is a bespoke roof truss and window frame.




We have now fitted this bespoke roof truss into the extension.  The result is impressive and is much more cost effective than you would think.

IMG_2149 IMG_2148 IMG_2147




The trusses we manufactured are now installed in the new extension.  The customer is very happy with the results.